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Available with - Professional

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Planned Maintenance is a tool that allows you to automate and track the planned works you need to carry out on a managed property. This can include compliance works for statutory requirements, or could be soft services such as gardening and window cleaning.

Throughout this example we will use Gas Certificates as an example, a yearly item of planned maintenance.

To set up an event login to Fixflo and click on Planned Maintenance > Service Events:

Once on Service Events, click on the 'Add event' tab towards the top of the page to set up a new event:

Next you will have to input the fields necessary for the creation of your service event:

The fields to add the service event are all highlighted above. These include:

  • Event Template - Select the type of planned maintenance you would like to carry out e.g. 'Gas Certificate (CP12) Only'.
  • Event Name - The name that will appear for the service event 
  • Properties - Select one the property for this service event. 
  • Assigned Agent - Agent assigned to manage the planned maintenance issue 
  • Instruct Contractor- Contractor who will be instructed to complete the planned maintenance issue
  • Landlord approval - Whether the event requires approval from the landlord or not, guide here
  • Instruction interval - How far in advance of the due date to create an issue for the work
  • Instruction Notes - Add any additional reminder notes for the contractor
  • Event frequency - You can tick the box if you would like this event to repeat. You are also able to set the frequency at which this event repeats as well as set an end date for the recurring service programme.

Please note that not all of the above are mandatory, but they are encouraged!  

In the event that you need to add Landlords Approval Notes to your service event, it is available by going to your Setup > Settings > Planned Maintenance > Ask for landlord approval > Set to Yes > Save:

Once this setting has been activated, you will see that in the service event a new field has appeared, allowing you to send a message to the landlord:

For more information on landlord approval for planned maintenance, please click here

As part of our Contractor Marketplace service, we have partnered with contractor networks that can perform different service events for your agency, helping you stay compliant. Please find more information in this guide.