Industry type - Lettings and BTR/PRS

Available with - Professional

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The Fixflo planned maintenance module allows you to manage the proactive side of maintenance alongside your reactive repairs, keeping on top of statutory - and non-statutory - requirements. If you require training assistance on planned maintenance, please click here.

Fixflo offers out-of-the-box service event templates, as well as the ability to create your own service events custom to your business. It is important that you apply your preferred information at event template level - such as instruction notes - so these will pull through onto service events each time you use the template.

One setting at event template level is whether you wish the system to auto-attach an occupier for jobs raised off the back of service events in demised locations. This can be located via Planned maintenance > Event templates and into a specific example:

If you select 'Add occupier to issue' and 'Share occupier details with contractor', then the following will happen:

  • The associated job will link the most recently added occupier at the property to the issue
  • The contractor will see the details of the linked occupier, as well as other occupiers at the property

For this reason, it is vital that you keep on top of your occupier data, and ensure that you archive profiles when they move out of your properties.

Please note that by default, the occupier presence will be set as not required on issue created by service events, you can amend this at template level, by selecting 'Occupier presence required'.

This can still be amended by editing an issue individually.


As part of our Contractor Marketplace service, we have partnered with contractor networks that can perform different service events for your agency, helping you stay compliant. Please find more information in this guide.