For communal issues in Block and Build-to-rent systems, there are various sets of people who have decision making powers. With this in mind, we have created a 'Director' profile type that can be linked to buildings within these systems. 

To set up a 'Director' profile, simply click onto the Building you'd like to add them to, go onto the 'Director' tab and use the 'Add director' button: 

Please note, the 'Director' profile must link to either a 'Leaseholder' profile or an 'External user'. These can be created via the 'People' tab on the left of your system.

You will now also have the ability to send quotes for approval to the Director profile; this is within the normal workflow as shown in the image below:

You also have the ability to allow your Directors to view compliance at the block(s) they're associated with; please click here for more information on this.