Why not tell your landlords about your investment in Fixflo to help ensure their properties are protected 24/7.

On your account we provide you a ready-to-send flyer, showing how easy it is for occupiers to report a maintenance issue and how Fixflo benefits them.

You can access the flyer via the Promote tab on the left hand-side panel. Choose Promote to your Landlords and download the flyer.

Here is an example of the flyer. This will be branded as your Fixflo account.

Alternatively, you can also email your landlords to let them know you're using Fixflo to manage maintenance repairs.

Here is an example of an email you could send out to your landlords to let them know you have implemented Fixflo and why:


We wanted to let you know that we have introduced a new online reporting system for repairs and maintenance called Fixflo. 

We have a commitment to resolve issues quickly and reliably and this tool helps to make the reporting of maintenance quicker and easier for your tenants.

It ensures:

  • that we get all information relevant to the issue including photos when applicable
  • that there are no communication barriers - the interface can be translated in up to 40 different languages
  • a reduction in the number of issues reported due to self resolution guidance and advice pop-ups
  • protection of your property 24/7 as this can be accessed at anytime online
  • compliance as the tenant receives a confirmation email of their issue submission straight away

Fixflo will allow us to resolve issues quicker and help ensure your tenants have a great experience. If you would like to see what this tool looks like, please feel free to go to agencyname.fixflo.com