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The messaging to occupiers from your Fixflo system is entirely customisable by you. This allows you to ensure that the guidance and advice is the best it can be to help both filter out maintenance issues which should not be coming out to you and help occupiers with a first time fix. 

Editing existing guidance and advice:

To edit existing messages you will need Administrator rights. Please click here to see our article on 'User Roles and Permissions'.

You can then click on Setup > Content edit: 


Once you are in 'Content edit' you can choose which message you would like to edit. We recommend adding content that replicates what you would tell or recommend to a tenant who calls or emails you, to do in the specific situation.

It is just like a Word document where you can simply type in the text box and then press 'Save'. Please note that you can embed photos and videos to these pop up boxes.

Please note that the first line in guidance and advice pop-ups will always pre-programme to be in large text as a title

Editing the fault tree

To add and remove specific icons in the fault tree for issues you will need to go to Setup > Fault tree edit.

To remove a fault tree root you can simply click on the fault category from the icons on the right hand side of the page and then select 'Hide category icon'. This will then be removed from the occupier fault tree. 

You can also add or remove guidance and advice from a specific fault. Please see below on how you  

Step by step guide

Then select the fault by clicking on the pictures in the panel on the right hand side. 

To remove a message choose 'None' in the drop down menu of messages on the left hand side. 

To add a new message for a fault select the from the 'Fault tree edit' and 'Add new'. 

Update: From October 2022, we have updated the reporting page with a new user interface, we are conscious that our video content needs to be updated.
Please bear with us while we are working on this. If you have any questions please contact our support team.