It is important that you onboard your contractor users to Fixflo to ensure that they utilise the software and use the workflows available to them. 

First of all, we would recommend sending all contractor users a welcome email; this will trigger automatically if you create a profile for them manually, but will need to be sent in bulk if you have imported your data. 

This can be actioned via People > Contractors > Options > Send welcome email.

In addition to triggering the welcome email, we also recommend that you check out other content available within Promote > Promote to your contractors:

Inside this section you will find a plethora of resources and advice covering onboarding and training for your contractor users. This includes:

  • A branded flyer you can provide to contractors
  • Multiple links to useful guides, both contractor-facing and agent-facing
  • Links to videos that cover the contractor side of the software

One tip we would always highly recommend you to follow is to read and digest 'An Introduction To Training Your Contractors'. This outlines - in a step-by-step process - our advice for agents on how to learn the contractor side of the system. In addition, it signposts you to relevent contractor-facing content if you need to share it with your users.

As ever, if you require any assistance, please do contact