Fixflo integrates with agentOS so that any repair and maintenance issues created via Fixflo’s reporting tool can be pushed back into agentOS. This allows you to keep a complete maintenance record for your tenancies and produce more accurate reports. 

The advanced integration also allows you to sync data held in agentOS into your Fixflo system. For our guide on how it works, please click here.

Setting it up

In order for us to help you set up your integration, please send the following information to our support team.

  • Your agentOS API key; this must be generated via the following link:

  • Your ShortName; this is found in the URL you see when you are logged into agentOS

The Fixflo team will then integrate agentOS and Fixflo, allowing your maintenance issues to appear within your agentOS system and data from agentOS to be synced into Fixflo.