Industry type - BTR and Commercial

Available with - Essentials

Fixflo integrates with the Ark 'Community Engagement App' so that residents at your buildings can communicate with Property Managers and raise maintenance issues. 

All of your residents will have access to the Ark app and the 'Coversations' tab within it. In this tab, your residents will be able to raise a new conversation with the Property Manager to flag any demised fault they may be experiencing; the PM can then triage the problem and decide if the issue should be sent to Fixflo or not. For example, a resident raising a conversation about a broken aerial:

From here, your PM will receive this on their end and can select 'Send to Fixflo':

This will trigger a notification to the resident who flagged the fault, which will allow them access to a new button within the conversation to 'Report maintenance':

This will then direct the resident to an iframe within the app, allowing them to report the maintenance issue seamlessly, without the need to enter their personal and property information:

The resident can then continue to review the conversation in Ark and view when the issue is assigned to a contractor, and when it gets closed/resolved:

Please note: a resident cannot raise a communal issue. If a communal problem is flagged in a conversation, the PM will raise need to raise this themselves.

To configure this integration, please log in to Fixflo and click via Integrations > Tokens. Add the top click 'Add token', and in the box type PROJECTARK. 

Please note this is case-sensitive and must be written as PROJECTARK:

Once the token is generated, simply copy it and provide it to your Account Manager at Ark to configure the integration.