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Available with - Professional

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Fixflo's planned maintenance feature allows you to add service events to your properties in order to manage any planned or preventative repairs or maintenance that need to be carried out.

When adding a Service Event to a property, you as the agent have the ability to add whether or not the event requires review. The example below shows where this will sit when adding a service event to a property/building etc:

The reviewing feature allows you to ensure that all of the relevant documentation and certificate is in place for compliance purposes prior to marking the event as complete. This step is therefore vital - particularly for statutory requirements - to ensure that everything is in place as it should be.

The status of the event will be marked as 'Awaiting Review' (displayed below as AR) once the issue related to the event has been marked as complete. An agent can then double-check the completion documents and date, as well as amend any subsequent due dates if required.

At this stage, the you may require remedial works to be raised. If this is the case, you can use the button at the bottom of the Completion tab to create a remedial job to progress as required:

For more information on remedial works and planned maintenance, please click here.

Once any remedial works are completed and closed (if applicable), the event will be ready to completed. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to use the 'Complete Event' option:

If the work has been completed earlier or later than the due date and future dates exist, it will prompt you to change the dates of future service events accordingly.

The job will now be marked as 'Completed' and the green C will show that the event is compliant:

If completing the event with remedials, the status will display as 'CR'.

Importing 'Requires review'

You may also notice when completing a planned maintenance import that you have the option to add whether you would like the programme to be reviewed, as well as the specific reviewing agent. If you wish to use this option, simply use the word 'TRUE' to signal that a review is required, and provide the details of the reviewing agent if you know who this would be.

For more information on importing service event data, please use the guides below:

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