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Sometimes it is best to keep work uniform and this can be true for your Fixflo dashboards or even get a new starter at your agency set up. Copying over dashboards allows you and your colleagues to see the exact same dashboard and have the same layout as one another.

To copy over a colleague's dashboard you will need to be an administrator. If you don't have administrator rights and would like more information on this you can read this article here

Copying the dashboard 

Copying the dashboard over for/from a colleague is a simple and effective way to keep things uniform and aligned on Fixflo. To do this, all you will need to do is go to another agent's profile or your own and scroll toward the bottom. Here there will be a section that says 'Copy my dashboard from...'. This will be where you will copy your dashboard from your colleagues:

This will then change your dashboard the next time you go on there. You can see how quickly this change happens below:

If you wish to return your dashboard to the default settings you can simply click on the '+ Add panel' button and then click on 'Reset all panels to default':