For the contractor-facing article on the contractor dashboard, please click here.

It's important that - as agents - you understand how the contractor side of Fixflo works. This guide is aimed to educate you on what the contractor dashboard looks like, and some of the panels that they have available. This will help you effectively train your contractors and provide assistance if required.

The contractor dashboard

In the same way that agents have a dashboard to manage works, contractors also have a dashboard to manage their jobs. The contractor dashboard consists of space for only 8 panels, with the default setting showing the below:

Contractors can add and remove panels in the same way as agents:

All panels are interactive, and will display the current data in the contractor system for your agency.

We recommend you encourage your contractors to use their dashboard in order to keep on top of the works you are requesting them to complete. Should you wish to have some material to provide to your contractors to assist them on using the dashboard, please do feel free to provide them with the following links: