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Please note this feature is available within the Fixflo Manager package. Please contact our support team or your CSM for more details.

If you want to know how to create custom saved searches please review this guide here.

To help you create the best custom dashboards possible, please find a list of SLA specific examples and options available, that might be useful to include for your business and team.

Where to create SLA specific saved searches

The combination of our SLA and custom dashboard modules is a powerful one that gives you the ability to understand at a glance, whether your team/contractors are hitting their KPIs that have been agreed upon.

To create SLA specific custom dashboard panels, you will need to click on 'Issues' > 'Issue search' and then open up the dropdown of filters by clicking on the arrow on the right hand side of the search bar: 

You will then need to scroll down to the filters 'Service level agreement' and 'SLA status'. 

'Service level agreement' is one of the SLAs you can track in Fixflo, these include 'First contact', 'Issue instructed', and 'Issue completed'.

The 'SLA statuses' available are - 'Pending', 'Cancelled', 'Completed', 'Passed' and 'Breached':

Best practice tip: It is useful to filter by priority level when building SLA dashboards so that you can see the performance differences between emergency/urgent/non-urgent repairs.

Tracking breached SLAs by priority level and agent

As there are different SLAs that you can track within Fixflo, depending on what your core KPIs are, you may want to create a dashboard for different SLAs so that you can drill down by priority level. 

For example:

  • Dashboard 1 - Time to first action breaches by priority, agent and issue status
  • Dashboard 2 - Time to instruction breaches by priority, agent and issue status
  • Dashboard 3 - Time to job completion breaches by priority, agent and issue status

This feature combo allows you to manage by exception. The full SLA reporting module allows you to see the percentage of jobs/issues that are in breach/passing, so on a day to day basis in regards to driving the outcomes you want to see from your team, breaches should be the focus of your custom dashboards.

The below dashboard is an example of 'Issue completion breaches by priority'. We can see a total count of issues that have not been completed in time with the specified job completion SLA, these issues split by the assigned agent, and by issue status to determine where the majority of these breaches are at.

These are broken down by priority level (please note with our SLA feature you can rename these to be in line with your terminology).

Other options that may be useful depending on the structure of your repairs and maintenance function:

  • Splitting out breaches per team or brand
  • Including a 'My breaches' tile for each SLA or core SLA focus e.g. maybe only job completion, for each PM to help them drive prioritisation of their issues