Industry type - all

Available with - all

Please note this feature is available within the Fixflo Manager package. Please contact our support team or your CSM for more details.

Prior to creating your custom saved searches to build out your dashboards, please ensure that you have reviewed how to create multiple dashboards here

What is the benefit of creating custom saved searches?

  • With our default dashboard feature you are only able to select from a prescriptive list of our dashboard panels which we have created for you
  • Now that you can create unlimited dashboards, to make the most of this you need to tailor the data on each so that they are relevant for the people using them, and our default dashboard tiles might not meet your requirements
  • Ultimately, the aim of this feature is to allow you to better customise and optimise Fixflo for your business needs. Every business works differently, has their own processes and has different KPIs and reporting requirements - rather than us creating 100s of different dashboard tiles that still may not meet 100% of your needs, we empower you to create what works best for you!

Options for creating custom saved searches

You can create saved searches (and subsequent custom dashboard tiles) for the following areas in Fixflo:

  1. Issues
  2. Service Events
  3. Contractor Certification
  4. The following users - Occupiers, Contractors, Landlords, Leaseholders and External Users
  5. All property entities - Estates, Buildings, Units and Properties
  6. Comments (Issues > Comments)

How to create a saved search

For any of the above options go to the relevant page in Fixflo. You will see a '+' button at the top of any page where creating a saved search is possible.

For example on the Issues > Issue search page you can see the + at the top:

Saved searches work a bit like filtering for certain lists of issues/data in Fixflo. Using the dropdown arrow on the search bar will reveal all of the options that can be used to filter and create a search on any of the options listed above. For example Issue search, Service Events and Contractors

  • Use the different filters available to create the combination of data points you want to track in this search 
  • Once selected, press 'Search' or the 'Magnifying Glass' on the search bar 
  • Then click the '+' add button at the top of the page 

This will have created your 'Saved Search'.

Here is an example of creating a saved search that is 'All reactive issues that have been raised this year'.

Once you have created your saved search, you can click the 'Edit' button to name and configure it:

This step is the same as when you created and named your different dashboards. You can give your search a title (make sure it is very clear) and provide some 'Help Text' to highlight what this search is tracking and its potential purpose.

You will also need to indicate whether the search is 'Shared' or 'Private'. If 'Shared', this means anyone else who can manage dashboards can use this when they are creating or editing dashboards. If 'Private', this saved search will only be accessible to you. 

Best practice tip: If you are creating similar searches that share filters and are only slightly different, use the copy search filter to speed up the creation process

Turning saved searches to Dashboard panels

Once you have saved a search, you are able to turn this into a Dashboard panel. To do this, you will have to first have a saved search ready to use and the ability to add a new Dashboard panel. Go to the Dashboard section in Fixflo and click on 'Add panel' at the top or bottom of the page and then navigate to the 'Other' section on the left-hand side of the pop-up and select the relevant search.

Once you have added the panel, it should pop through as a regular panel where you can resize and change all the necessary filters as you would with any other panel

Managing your custom saved searches

To keep track of all the custom searches you have created, you can go to Setup > Manage Saved Searches.

Here you will see a list of all the saved searches that have been created (that are not private to other agents) and how many dashboards are using them. 

Best practice tip: Ensure that the searches you have created are actually being used on at least one dashboard. We recommend doing a regular review of what you are/are not including on your dashboards.

You can also edit, copy and delete any existing searches: