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Available with - Professional

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Fixflo's planned maintenance feature allows you to add service events to your properties in order to manage any planned or preventative repairs or maintenance that need to be carried out.

Adding Service Events

To add a service event go to Planned Maintenance > Service Events.

Here you can see a list of all service events that have been added previously (if any). Press 'Add event' at the top of the screen to create a new event. 

You will then need to complete all required details on this page.

Event template: this is the type of service event you want to add such as a Gas Safety Check or Boiler Service. Select the event type from the drop down list.

This will populate the Event Name field.

If the event type you want to add is not on this list you can create your own events -click here for more information on how to do this.

Works due by: This is the date the service event is due. For example the Gas Safety Check needs to be carried out by the 21st June. Select the date from the calendar.

Service Agreement: If you have a service agreement with a particular contractor you can add this here so that the service event is linked to the agreement. It will automatically populate the assigned contractor.

More information on how to add service agreements click here.

Assigned Agent:  You can select the agent you want to alert when the service event is due to be instructed. Simply search for the agents name and select from the drop down list. 

Assigned Contractor: You can select the contractor that you want to award this service event job to. Again simply search for their name and select from the drop down list.
Requires Review: This will mark the event as 'Awaiting Review' once the issue has been marked as complete. An agent can then double check the completion documents and amend any subsequent due dates if required. It is highly recommended you put this setting to 'Yes', particularly for statutory events. 

Instruction Interval: This is the date the service event will be instructed and awarded to the contractor, and when the agent will receive a notification. (assuming you have assigned both an agent and a contractor to the event).

You can customise this accordingly so that you can 'set and forget' and trust Fixflo to handle the instruction of service events at the right time.
Instruction Notes: There are default notes associated with each service event, but you are free to edit these as required. Simply click on the text box and add or edit the text.
Event Frequency: This is the key feature of service events in Fixflo that will save you time and allow you to automate the creation and instruction of any future service events.

We have designed service events so that you can 'set and forget' so we recommend adding the frequency at which you need to carry out the specific event type.

For example, if this is for a Gas Safety Check which needs to be carried out on an annual basis, this will mean you don't have to manually create the service event for the next year - it will automatically instruct works to the assigned contractor and notify the assigned agent a year later.

There are panels on the dashboard that keep you updated on events that are coming up just to provide you with general oversight of future issues. You can find out more about this article. 

You can set whether the event needs carrying out on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

If the service event is a one off simply leave this box un-ticked.

Managing Service Events

An event will be instructed in accordance with the instruction date you have entered and will automatically send a notification to the assigned agent, and an instruct works email to the assigned contractor at the right time.

This will also automatically create an issue in 'Job awarded, awaiting appointment date' status for the service event so that you can track the event as normal.

The 'I' lets you know that the event has been instructed and if you click on 'Issue Instructions' you can see the linked issue and status and click through to this.

The issue can now be handled as normal:

  • The contractor enters an appointment date as to when they are going to carry out the works
  • The contractor completes the service event and uploads any required documentation/evidence of completion
  • They need to mark the job as complete
  • You/an agent can mark the job as closed

Once an agent has closed a service event issue there is still another step that needs to be carried out.

Marking a Service Event as complete

On a service event issue you can click on the 'Related' tab to access the linked Service Event. Simply click on this to be taken to the service event.

You need to enter the completion details of the service event. Enter the date the works were completed and upload any documentation or notes accordingly and press 'Save'.

Please note; if uploading a certificate document, you are prompted to set view permissions. This allows or prevents associated landlords and leaseholders/occupiers from being able to see the document (e.g. a CP12) from within their portal.

This will set the service to 'Awaiting Review' AR status. There is a panel on your dashboard that you can use to keep track of these events.

It is important to note you have the option of 'Adding a remedial' issue at this point if more work needs to be done as a result of the service event instruction.

Now that the job completion details have been added, it needs to be marked as 'Complete' or not. If you have permission to do this you can continue - otherwise another agent can do this.

Press 'Complete Event' if you are happy with all details and no remedial issue needs to be created.

If the work has been completed earlier or later than the due date and future dates exist, it will prompt you to change the dates of future service events accordingly. 

The job will now be marked as 'Completed' C and be green to show that the event is compliant.

If you go to the 'Works Planner' on the property you will be able to see the completed service event too.

Other Statuses

Red 'I' means that the event has now been instructed but has not been carried out. There is a panel in the dashboard that allows you to monitor these service events.

Red 'AR' means that the event has now been carried out but is overdue in terms of its due date. Again you can monitor these events from a panel on the dashboard.

Red 'P' means that the event is pending and is now overdue. The service event will need to be manually instructed

Grey 'P' - this means the event is pending and has not yet been instructed. If you hover over it you can see the date it will be instructed.

As part of our Contractor Marketplace service, we have partnered with contractor networks that can perform different service events for your agency, helping you stay compliant. Please find more information in this guide.