Requesting quotes and getting them approved is a common day-to-day use of Fixflo. The system will currently allow you to request quotes from your contractors, and send these for approval to:

- Landlords
- External Users
- Director profiles (Block only)
- Agents

For the most part, this workflow provides you with the ability to get quote approval from the relevant party, in order to progress the issue and instruct the works as desired. However, this workflow does not take into consideration that certain agents may have a Works Authorisation Limit in place. If a quote goes above their Works Authorisation Limit, then they would need to get approval from a Manager who has a higher limit - in which case, they need to use an internal quote approval workflow.

To cater for these scenarios, we have created a new workflow that can be purchased for an additional price. This 'Internal Quote Approval' will allow agents to:

  • Receive quotes from contractors
  • Approve quotes that are only within their Works Authorisation Limit
  • Request quote approval from a colleague who has the relevant Works Authorisation Limit
It is important that user role based works authorisation limits are configured for internal approval to work. Please note that 'Administrator' users will have an unlimited/null authorisation limit, so can approve anything.

This full workflow allows a seamless quote approval process, and works particularly well with Custom Dashboard Panels and Multi-Dashboards by allowing the Managers to create panels purely for quotes they need to approve from individual staff members.

For more information on this feature - including pricing and how it can help your company - please contact