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As a standard setting, there will be a long list of common service event types available on your Fixflo system. Should you have a custom event that you need to schedule that isn't on our Event template list, you are able to create your own custom event templates.

To do this you need to be an Administrator of your Fixflo account.


Creating event templates manually

Go to Planned Maintenance > Event Templates:
Use the 'Add template' button at the top of the page: 

You'll be taken to a new page to enter the name of the event, the default instructions for it and select whether or not it is statutory. Once this is done click 'Save':

You will then be taken to a page where you will then need to add the instruction interval and instructions notes. The instruction interval is how far in advance of the due date you would like to create an issue for the work and the instruction notes is statement of the works you require from the contractor. You are also able to adjust how many times this event is repeated:
This event type will now appear when you go to add a new service event under Planned Maintenance > Service Events > Add Event > Event template:

For information on auto-attaching occupiers and setting this up at event template level, please click here.

Please note - BTR/PRS addendum

If you are using a Build-to-rent Fixflo system and wish to create custom service events for use at a Unit level, you need to select 'For use with units' when creating the new template:

Creating event templates via import

It's also possible to create new service event templates via import if necessary. We'd only recommend you do this if creating more than 15 new event templates.

Attached to the bottom of this guide are two templates, one for Block & BTR and one for Lettings. Please use the guide above for assistance on what the columns refer to, and then follow our guide here to import the template once populated with the relevant data.

To find out more about service events click here.

As part of our Contractor Marketplace service, we have partnered with contractor networks that can perform different service events for your agency, helping you stay compliant. Please find more information in this guide.