You have the ability to use cost codes to establish a link between maintenance works for a building and its maintenance budget. 

To achieve this, simply add a cost code to the building profile itself using the 'Cost codes' tab:

When instructing works to a contractor, add the code in the relevant field: 

Once the contractor progresses the issue and marks the job as complete, the cost code will clearly be displayed on the invoice document if they create it within the system: 

If invoicing in a different way, you can request that costs are added on all jobs.

Your best way to track and monitor spending against cost codes would be through our 'Reports' function. If you type in the word 'Cost', you will find a variety of reports available to monitor and track costs; our suggested report would be 'Issues - closed issues, costs & invoices - Block'.

Should you need to export and view cost codes, you can now do so at a Building/Estate level by clicking into the required Building/Estate profile > Cost Codes > Options > Export to CSV. 

You can also export cost codes at an Agency level through Settings > Agency Cost Codes > Options > Export to CSV.

Alternatively, you can also export all cost codes within your system through Settings > Agency Cost Codes > Options > Export as Import CSV (all costcode types).

Should you wish to import a large amount of cost codes to Fixflo, please contact for assistance.