A reminder date is a date by which you expect an issue to have progressed. They can be thought of as gentle nudge, to avoid issues remaining static and being forgotten.

Once the reminder date has been reached, the issue will be identified as needing your action, and so will appear in any relevant dashboard tiles showing this.

The reminder date can be found on the main 'Next steps' screen of an issue: 

The reminder date is set automatically when the issue status changes, for example, an issue that is instructed to a contractor goes to a status of 'Job awarded, awaiting appointment date. The date is then set at 2 days from the status change. The issue will not require your attention unless the contractor fails to set an appointment date/time within the allotted time-frame . 

You can also manually update the reminder date, to delay needing to look at the issue, or to remind yourself to look at it again sooner. It can be changed by clicking the date in the issue and editing it as follows:

Use the buttons towards the top of the pop-up to quickly set the issue to fall back into 'requiring action' tomorrow. This way, when you arrive at work the following day, the maintenance problem will require your action once again.

Issues can also be put on hold, which allows you to record a reason why the issue has been placed on hold until the given reminder date (see further below). 

Reminder dates can also be seen on some types of dashboard tiles where the red number is the number of days since the original reminder date: 

It can also be seen in the search results in either a green or red bubble, showing the number of days until or since the reminder date. 

Some examples of when you may wish to amend the reminder date include:

  • When a very low priority issue is raised, and the landlord must be consulted before works can be instructed, the reminder date can be manually extended to allow time for this. This ensures that the issue will require your action at the right time.
  • When a normally low priority issue is - for whatever reason - upgraded to urgent, the reminder date could be set for tomorrow to remind you to follow-up with the issue.
  • When instructing works to a contractor, the reminder date ensures the issue is brought to your attention if the appointment time is not set for a few days. 

Reminder dates can also be tracked via your Dashboard. Some dashboard tiles will show all of your issues, others only show issues that actively require your attention, for example, if you have an action to progress the issue (e.g. review quotes) or maybe the reminder date has passed without another user completing their actions (e.g. a contractor hasn’t set the appointment time/date).

On Hold Functionality

An issue can be set on hold by clicking into the Reminder date, moving the date forward as desired and ticking the Place issue on hold box and providing a reason: 

Placing an issue on hold shows visually in your dashboard tiles as well as in your search results.
Orange in a dashboard panel indicates that the issue is on hold:

 You can track all of the issues that are on hold with the 'Issues on hold' dashboard tile (below), or a report titled 'Issues - issues on hold':