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Fixflo allows you to assign specific properties to specific agents. This helps to ensure that issues for those properties are automatically assigned to the correct agent when they are reported.

To Assign A Property To An Agent

To set up property assignment, click on 'Properties' on the menu bar on the left hand side of the screen and then you will be able to search for a property. Once you have found the correct property, click into it and scroll down to 'Issue assignment'. Here you will be able to assign this property to either an agent or a team. 

To select an agent, click onto the bar which says 'Select a team or an agent' and you will need to start typing either the agent's name or their email address:

That agent will then populate for you and if you click on their name and email address, they will be added in the drop down. Once you are happy, remember to press 'Save':

You can see of the properties assigned to an agent by clicking on People > Agents and clicking into the desired agent. If you click on the 'Issue allocations' tab you will be able to see all of the properties (as well as landlords and postcodes) allocated to that agent:

To Remove A Property Assigned To An Agent

If you no longer wish for a certain property to be assigned to an Agent you can easily remove this.

Click on 'Properties' and search for the property you wish to remove from being assigned to an Agent. Once you are in that property, remain within the 'Detail' tab and scroll down to 'Issue assignment'. Here you will see the Agent name next to where it says 'Agent/Team'. Simply click on the 'x' on the right hand side of the team name and then press 'Save':

If you then click on People > Agents and choose the desired Agent, that property will no longer appear in the list under 'Property assignments'. 

Any issues which are reported against that property will no longer be auto assigned to that Agent going forward.

You are also able to filter your properties within the product to identify any that remain unassigned.
Properties > Open filters > Filter by unassgined