If you find that you are getting too many emails you can always change how frequently you receive them.

To do this, just go to 'Setup' > 'Settings'From here, you want to select the 'Notifications' tab.

On this tab, you will be able to see whether the 'Central email address' receives all emails which are sent through, or if they are sent to the agent who is assigned the issue. 

If 'Yes' is selected then all of the emails will be going to the central email address. If 'No' is selected, like in this example, that means that all issues which are assigned to an Agent the emails for those issues, will be sent directly to that Agent.

If 'Yes' is selected then you can make changes to the notifications to the central email address below where you will find notification defaults:

You can click on 'Setup' > 'Settings' and go to the 'Contact settings' tab to view the central email address(es). You can add more than one using the 'Email CC' box:

If you have selected 'No' then you can change your email settings on a per Agent basis. This is easily done by clicking on 'People' > 'Agents'. If you click into an Agent you will find a 'Notification settings' tab where you will be able to amend the email settings on a per Agent basis: 

If you would like to amend the notifications for the whole system - for various different users - this can be actioned via Setup > Settings > Notifications. Here, you can scroll down and amend defaults for all different users and scenarios, such as for landlords or occupiers: