For information on how to set up the integration between Fixflo and Reapit, please click here.

With the Fixflo and Reapit integration, you have a couple of options with regards to how tenants interact with Fixflo:

  • Via the tenant tracker - an additional Reapit feature you can buy (tenant portal).
  • Outside of the tenant tracker - you can have Fixflo on your website/share the link as normal, and have Fixflo embedded in the tenant tracker too if you wish (or not).

Tenant Tracker

Fixflo will be linked in to the tenant tracker, and tenants will be able to click on 'Report a Fault' to log a repair or maintenance request. If they click on this, it will bring up the Fixflo iFrame:

Tenants can report a repair as normal. Their property details will be automatically completed (based on what is on the portal):

The tenant's contact details will also be displayed:

Once a tenant has clicked 'Confirm', a Works order will be created in Reapit and a Task will be created for the Property Manager to progress.

RPS Works Order
The logged fault create a new Works Order in RPS in Pending Approval status:

The following information is included in the Works Order:

  • Reported by > Tenant
  • Booked on > The date the fault was logged
  • Work Title > The fault type chosen and its category
  • Description > Details as entered when logging the fault, including the full description and notes
  • Category > e.g. Kitchen > Worktop
  • Tenant Notes > Parking restrictions etc
  • Tenant Presence Requested > Yes/No

Tasks in RPS
When a fault is submitted from the tracker via Fixflo, a Task in RPS is automatically generated for the Property Manager. The PM will see the Task on their Organiser, Messages & Tasks panel: