Industry type - Lettings

Available with - All

Fixflo integrates with Payprop so that any repair and maintenance issues created in Fixflo can be pushed back into Payprop. This allows you to keep a complete maintenance record for your tenancies and produce more accurate reports.

Setting up the integration

Please login to your Fixflo system as an Administrator user and click Setup > Integrations: 

At the top of the page, you will be able to 'Add token' - in 'App Id' enter 'PAYPROP' and then click 'Add': 

An Authentication Token will then be generated for you:

If you come across any error messages when attempting to create your authentication token then please contact  

To complete the setup of the integration, you will need to input the following information in to your Payprop system (via Settings > Integrations):

  • Your Authentication Token
  • Your Fixflo Domain / URL
  • Your Agency ID (found at the top of the screen)

The field in Payprop titled 'Fixflo agency API key' is where you will need to paste your Authentication Token:


Once the integration is setup, issues will be pushed into the 'Maintenance' section on your Payprop dashboard:

When clicked, Fixflo opens and takes you right to your Fixflo dashboard:

In Payprop you can click 'Create maintenance issue' from within a property record, and this will automatically open the property up in Fixflo so that you can create an issue:

When an issue has been resolved in Fixflo and you have a final invoice, this must be created within Payprop to divvy up the payment instructions.

Below is a short video on how to do this