Industry type - Lettings and BTR/PRS

Available with - Essentials

Who are they?

In hours reactive maintenance is now available from Fixflo's contractor marketplace. Powered by Caldor and Buckinghamshire heating, providing gas, heating and plumbing services to letting agents and property management companies in mainland UK; North West, Yorkshire, West Midlands and Buckinghamshire. 

More information about them can be found on their website: 

Which areas are covered? 

Please see here to view the list of postcode coverage and map. 

How can I set it up?

Initially, in-hours reactive maintenance will only be available to use if you are already using the contractor marketplace - ie. if you have a direct debit mandate set up, and are familiar with sending jobs through the Marketplace. However, if this is of interest to you please get in touch! 

If you're new to the contractor marketplace, please take a look at our article Intro To Fixflo's Contractor Marketplace.

As long as you're signed up to the contractor marketplace, Caldor and Buckinghamshire Heating will be automatically set up for you and available to use.

How does it work?

  1. Your occupiers report their maintenance issue on Fixflo 
  2. In the 'Next steps' tab of the issues, choose the workflow 'Instruct works'
  3. Fill in the instruction pop-up window as you normally would and click on 'Proceed to next step'
  4. If the fault is covered by Caldor or Buckinghamshire Heating and in their geographical area, they will appear at the top of the contractor list*, simply select them and confirm
  5. Caldor or Buckinghamshire Heating will be notified and attend the job
  6. They will communicate with you and the tenant to set up an appointment via the Comments section. You can communicate with them the same way
  7. After attending the job, they will share the completion documents, costs and add any relevant information in the 'Feedback to agent' field. For future reference, you can find this information again by accessing the Detail tab of the issue

*Please note that the system will automatically determine if the fault type is covered by Caldor or Buckinghamshire, as well as if it's in an area they work in (you can find the full list of Caldor's fault types here). This will ensure you don't waste time in instructing jobs that they can't attend, respecting your own internal SLAs.


The contractor will attend either the same day, or next working day. 

The operational hours are:

  • Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm
  • Saturday 9am to 1pm



The call-out fee and first hour on-site are £59.00+ VAT. 

Each additional hour beyond this is charged at £59 + VAT. There may also be costs added for materials if these are required.

This price is for all fault types within Caldor's remit.

Buckinghamshire Heating

The call-out fee and first 30 minutes on site are £65.00 + VAT.

£40.00 + VAT per 30 mins thereafter - excluding cost of any materials.

If applicable, you can add your agency's commission fee by accessing the Contractor Marketplace tab > Navigate to Contractor Networks > find Caldor/Buckinghamshire Heating and click on Edit Set up > Apply the management fee as required (as a percentage or a fixed fee) and hit Save:

Please note that, if applied, the commission will appear as a separate line item on the invoice and will be visible to the landlord.


Watch a short video here on how to instruct jobs onto Caldor/Buckinghamshire heating.