One of the key tasks to complete before you can go live with Fixflo is importing all of your data into your new account.

If you are already using a piece of software, you will be able to export that data and put it into your Fixflo system. This article will specifically go over SME and planned maintenance data.

Getting your SME data

To export your planned maintenance data, you will need to be an Admin user on the system. If you are an admin user, you should be able to see the Admin tab that sits across the top bar on SME. Click into there and then just underneath it, click on Exports 

Once you have clicked on Exports, you will want to look under the Property management section and click on 'Bulk safety certificates for renewals'. Clicking on this will allow you to decide how far back you want to go.

Once you have selected how far back you want to go, it will then download a .csv file which will allow you to open it in Microsoft Excel or what your default app is set to.

Sorting the data

Now that you have exported the data into a .csv file, you will be able to open and view it. You will not have to edit the file as most of the next steps is copying over the data from the SME file to a Fixflo-friendly import file. Some of the data that is exported in the file is not necessarily needed for Fixflo (Status, Certificate ID, and so on). What you will want to do is to open the SME file that you have downloaded and also have the Fixflo-friendly import file. (There will be a template for this at the bottom of the article and articles below on how to import the data). Since this can be applied to both Block and Lettings systems, there will be the relevant article below for your system.

- Planned Maintenance Service Event Import - Block

- Planned Maintenance Service Event Import - Lettings

Once you have the correct file open, you should be able to file in the data that matches that of the SME file into the Fixflo file. Fields that you will want to move over to the Fixflo file are as follows: 

- All address details (Street, Area, postcode)

- Certificate type (You will need to match this against Fixflo Service vent templates) and Certificate expiry date

You will also notice that the tenant/occupier details are also exported with the planned maintenance data from SME. If you are also importing Occupier details at the same time, you will need to use a separate file for this. To import occupier details, please click here for lettings and here for block systems.