Fixflo integrates with Acquaint CRM, allowing you to sync landlord, property, occupier and contractor data from Acquaint into Fixflo (Essentials and Professional only). In addition, maintenance requests raised via Fixflo will be synced back into your Acquaint instance, providing full visibility of completed works. 

For information on how to set up the integration, please click here.


Fixflo Basic - how it works

As no data pulls from Acquaint into Fixflo, the 'Basic' integration consists only of maintenance reports being raised via Fixflo syncing to your Acquaint CRM.

This will run on an hourly basis and will display as a 'Desktop Alert' in Acquaint to inform you that new issues have been imported:

Newly imported issues will also be displayed in the 'Maintenance Requests' section of the home page reminder: 

Please view the short video below which outlines this in more detail:

Fixflo Essentials & Professional - how it works

For Fixflo Essentials and Professional users, the integration consists of two elements:

- Data being pulled from Acquaint into Fixflo
- Issue history pushing from Fixflo into Acquaint

Data sync:

The following data entities sync hourly from Acquaint into Fixflo:

- Properties

- Tenants / Occupiers

- Contractors

- Landlords

For more information on this, please refer to the setup guide.

Issue sync:

When a maintenance job is raised in Fixflo, background calls will pull this as an Outstanding Work Order in Acquaint on an hourly basis.

Please note: these 'Outstanding Work Orders' are for information only, and should not be edited in Acquaint. Any modifications manually edited in Acquaint will simply get overwritten upon issue closure in Fixflo.

Only 'Reactive' maintenance issues will sync from Fixflo; any jobs raised via Planned Maintenance will not sync.

When a job is closed in Fixflo, this will trigger the Work order in Acquaint to be updated. Any images attached to the issue will sync onto the Work order, as well as:
- Completion documents
- Invoice documents

These will be attached to the Correspondence of the Work order.

In addition, the invoice number provided by the contractor will display in the Reference field of the Work order, and the total cost will show in the Amount field.

The status of the Work order will be set to Completed if the Fixflo close reason is set to any of the below:

- Works completed 

- Completed, contractor not required

These will appear in the works orders to be billed home page reminder:

If the Fixflo job is closed with any other close reason, this will create an Archived Work order in Acquaint.

Please note that once a job has been closed in Fixflo, Acquaint will not re-sync it again even it it re-opens. As such, if further works are required, it is suggested that you duplicate the job and progress a new Fixflo issue. 

Please view the short video below outlining the integration with Fixflo Essentials and Professional:

Integration troubleshooting

The below scenarios should assist with troubleshooting if you ever experience problems with data syncing as part of the Acquaint <> Fixflo integration.

Contractor in Acquaint not uploading to Fixflo
Please ensure that:
- The contractor has a unique email address
- The contractor is assigned to the correct Branch
- The contractor has a 'Current' status

Tenant in Acquaint not uploading to Fixflo 

Please ensure that: 
- The tenant has a unique email address
- The property the tenant is renting is assigned to the correct Branch
- The property the tenant is renting has a full address including street, town and postcode

Landlord in Acquaint not uploading to Fixflo 

Please ensure that:
- The landlord has a unique email address
- The landlord's properties are assigned to the correct branch

Property in Acquaint not uploading to Fixflo 

Please ensure that: 

- The status of the property is either Instructed, Available, Under Offer or Completed

- The category of the property is set To Let 

- The property has a full address including street, town and postcode

- The country of the property is not set to Unknown

- The property is assigned to the correct branch

Closed maintenance job not downloading from Fixflo

Please ensure that the contractor and property assigned to the maintenance job have been added to Acquaint.
Please also check the Audit tab of the issue in Fixflo to ensure the maintenance job hasn't been closed previously.

An error has occurred

If an error occurs whilst uploading data to Fixflo or downloading maintenance jobs from Fixflo, a Desktop Alert will be displayed in Acquaint. When clicked, an error log will be loaded for the team to investigate. 

If you'd like further help with any of the errors - or have further questions regarding the integration - please contact the Acquaint Support Team on +44 (0)1491 824800.