For the Veco/Eurolink 'basic' integration which does not sync data, please click here.

Fixflo integrates with Veco, allowing you to sync all of your data (properties and people) from Veco into your Fixflo instance. In addition, the integration will also sync all Fixflo issue reports into your Veco instance, updating it as the job is progressed and closed in Fixflo. All completion information - including a cost breakdown - will sync to Veco, allowing you to process invoices through your purchase ledger. 

For information on how the integration works, please click here.

To configure this integration, please follow the below steps. It is anticipated that the configuration may take 2-3 weeks to complete, so please be patient with both parties:

1) Contact your Customer Success Executive or Customer Success Manager to check if your account is eligible for this integration. If you do not have a CSE/CSM, please contact for assistance.
During this step, please explain to your CSE/CSM exactly which property types and statuses you'd like to sync from Veco.

2) The Fixflo team will liaise with Veco to activate the integration.

3) Depending on whether your Fixflo system is brand new or upgraded from 'Fixflo Basic', the Fixflo team may discuss with you a plan to archive previous/existing data so that the correct integrated data can pull through from Veco.

4) The Fixflo team will remind you of the importance of not adding new data directly to Fixflo; the source of truth is Veco!

For more information on point 4 - as well as how the integration works - please click here.