Please note that while this guide is aimed at the Block and BTR/PRS markets, Lettings clients can also use Fixflo for asset management. For the introduction to Fixflo and Assets, please click here.

When managing assets in Fixflo, it's imperative that you set up planned works to ensure that the relevant asset is inspected/fixed on a regular cyclic basic. This is simple to do within Fixflo's planned maintenance module (please note, Fixflo Professional users only), providing you with the assurance that you're doing your best to maintain the health of each asset. In addition, you may have a service agreement in place with a particular company to provide the maintenance and planned works for the relevant asset. If this is the case, it's important that you set up the data in Fixflo to reflect this agreement.

The rest of this guide is written assuming that the reader is aware of how to use the Planned Maintenance module within Fixflo. If you do not know how to use this feature, please first of all watch our videos here.

The first step to ensuring that your assets are linked to service agreements is to create the service agreement within Fixflo; this can either be done via import or manually:

- Service agreements - create in Fixflo

- Importing service agreements

Once the agreement exists, you can use the 'Assets' tab to link the relevant asset(s) to the agreement:

Please note that your Customer Success Manager can do this via import for you if necessary.

You then have the ability to create a service programme straight from the service agreement itself - this will auto-populate the relevant contractor receiving the works, as well as pull through the details of the agreement on the event programme:

Alternatively, you have the ability to add a relevant service agreement each time when creating a new planned maintenance series. Once you select the agreement, the field 'Instruct contractor' will automatically populate with the relevant contractor. Please note however that you will need to select the relevant asset for the programme, as a single agreement may be in place across multiple assets - please refer to our guide here on planned maintenance and assets.