Industry type - Lettings

Available with - Essentials

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This guide is for the Reapit without invoice posting, syncing data (properties and people) as well as completion information. For the basic integration, please click here.

Fixflo integrates with Reapit so that any repair and maintenance issues created in Fixflo can be pushed back into Reapit. This allows you to keep a complete maintenance record for your tenancies, and produce more accurate reports.

This advanced integration also provides the ability to sync data from Reapit into your Fixflo system. This data will include:

  • Properties and Landlords
  • Tenants / Occupiers
  • Contractors
  • Agents

If you are using a Fixflo Basic system, please refer to the basic integration between Fixflo and Reapit here.

Please bear in mind that the below integration highlights a data sync from Reapit to Fixflo. If you already have a live Fixflo instance with data inside, it is important to be aware that:

- If a user record already on Fixflo shares the same email address as the user record on Reapit OR if the Fixflo record bears a Reapit reference THEN these profiles will merge together. If this is not in place, the old data will need to be archived manually.

- If an address shares the exact same format on Fixflo and Reapit OR if the Fixflo address bears a Reapit reference then the properties will merge. If this is not in place, you will need to merge the duplicates (guide here).

System Requirements

To be eligible to use this integration, your Reapit system must:

  • Be hosted by Reapit (e.g. a Reapit system running on an agency's own servers will not work)
  • Have Reapit Connect enabled
  • Be running version 12 of Reapit or above

Setting it up

In order for the integration to be set up by the team at Fixflo, the below steps need to be carried out by you:

  • As an admin, go to the 'Apps' section in your Reapit system and 'Install' the Fixflo app 'Fixflo without Invoice Posting'
  • This provides Fixflo the access to log in to the Reapit Developer platform and receive the unique client ID which is required to configure the integration, this app will be called 'Fixflo without Invoice Posting'.

The Fixflo team will then configure and set up the rest of the integration for you. 

Please note that welcome emails are not sent automatically from Fixflo. The first time the integration syncs the data, we recommend that you proceed with the promotion of your Fixflo system (including sending welcome emails) as advised by your account manager. 

This same approach applies when you add new people profiles on Reapit that are then synced to Fixflo (e.g. contractors). If you wish to send them a welcome email, please do this manually via their profile.

How the integration works

Fixflo integrates with Reapit so that any repair and maintenance issues created in Fixflo can be pushed back into Reapit. This allows you to keep a complete maintenance record for your tenancies, and produce more accurate reports.

The following pieces of data are synced from Reapit to Fixflo as part of this integration:

Data EntitiesNotes
PropertiesFixflo will only pull through properties where the agentRole = 'managed' and the 'Mgmt fee' field is 'Managed tenancy'.
We pull across the Reapit reference, Address lines 1-3, Postcode, Town and Country.
The 'Property manager' entity will sync as the Property Assigned Agent in Fixflo. If this field is not used, we will use the 'Key contact'.
LandlordsLandlords related to managed properties only.
We pull across their Title, First name and Surname (concatenates into Landlord company name). All Phone Numbers are synced, as well as the Email address and Reapit reference. If joint landlords exist in Reapit, both will be synced against the property in Fixflo; a primary will always be specified.

Individual and Company landlords will be synced.
Tenants / OccupiersAll tenants related to managed properties.
We pull their Title, First name and Surname (concatenates into Occupier company name). All Phone Numbers are synced, as well as the Email address and Reapit reference.

Please note, only tenants under an 'Active tenancy' will sync - these should be status 'Tenancy current' or 'Tenancy completed'.
Both 'Individual' and 'Company tenants' will sync, permitted they are active.
ContractorsAll contractors where the business type = Supplier, Builder or Surveyor in Reapit. All 'supplier types' are imported.
Please note, the record needs to be approved! It will not sync if they have the (Unapproved)

We pull their Title, First name and Surname (concatenates into Contractor company name). The first 'work phone number' is synced, as well as the Email address and Reapit reference.
AgentsYour agents from Reapit will be created on Fixflo and will be given Administrator or Agent access.

Please note that Properties, Landlords, Occupiers, Contractors and Agents are synced once a day from your Reapit instance. Maintenance issues will be synced instantly.

For troubleshooting purposes, the below image shows exactly where to locate the property sync criteria showing the 'AgentRole' field as a 'Managed tenancy':

The 'Letting status' field (seen above) must equal one of the following in order to sync:

- To let - Available

- To let - Unavailable

- Under offer - Available

- Under offer - Unavailabe

- Arranging Tenancy - Unavailable

- Arranging Tenancy - Available

- Tenancy Current - Unavailable 

- Tenancy Current - Available

- Tenancy Finished

- Tenancy Cancelled

- Provisional

- Market Appraisal

We currently ignore the following:

- sold

- letByOtherAgent

- letPrivately 

- withdrawn

If you wish to ignore any of the statuses that we currently sync, please do let us know when you request the integration, as we are able to add those statuses to the list of those that the sync can ignore.

Alongside the property profile itself, any notes that are stored in Reapit against the property will also interface in Fixflo into the 'Notes' field at property level. In Reapit, these are located underneath the 'Activity feed' on property level. Please note, if Property Notes have already been saved manually in Fixflo, these will not be overridden by Reapit notes.

Because data in Fixflo is synced from Reapit, please ensure that any updates to profiles (e.g. new number, new email address) etc are made in Reapit and not Fixflo. This helps to ensure that both systems are aligned as necessary. Should you wish to consider limiting your users from adding/amending data in Fixflo, please review our User Roles guides.

Maintenance issues to work orders

When an issue is reported in Fixflo, then a works order is created in Reapit at the status 'Pending approval'.

We will also populate the following fields:

Property manager
Issue assigned agent. We will use 'Property manager' first, and 'keycontact' if the other field is not present.
typeidThis describes the type of fault in Reapit, and will be defaulted to 'Other'
Status = Pending ApprovalIssues at the status 'Reported' will be a work order at the status 'Pending approval' in Reapit
DescriptionIssue title
Item.NotesFaultCategory + Fault detail from the issue. This will include any fault notes that have been specified by the reporting party
ReporterWill be defaulted to 'Other'
BookedIssue create date

When that issue is instructed to a contractor in Fixflo, the works order previously created (as above) will be updated with the following:

Status = 'Raised'The status of the Reapit works order will update from 'Pending approval' to 'Raised' when instructed in Fixflo
NotesThis will use the Fixflo 'QuoteNotes' field, which are the instruction notes to the contractor
chargetoWorksPaidBy - ie who the invoice should be addressed to (landlord, tenant etc). This is selected upon job instruction
EstimateThis is the awarded quote amount, or the works authorisation limited provided (including VAT) if not using the quote workflow. If no authorisation limit is present, this will be blank

When an issue is allocated to a Landlord in Fixflo, the Status in Reapit will be updated to "Landlord to Complete".

When an issue is closed in Fixflo, then the works order status in Reapit will change to 'Completed' and will contain:

  • The issue title
  • The original fault notes
  • Completed date
  • The contractor completion notes
  • Associated contractor
  • Works completion feedback to agent
  • Net cost
  • VAT cost
  • Any invoices submitted by the contractor, and a summary PDF of the issue will be attached

This will only happen if the full Fixflo workflow takes place, ie job instructed to a contractor, contractor (or agent) completing the job etc. If a job goes from 'Reported' > 'Closed', the Reapit works order will say 'Cancelled'.


Please note: this completed works order and associated invoice document does not get sent to the 'Accounts' department in Reapit; this will need to be actioned manually.

Planned Maintenance

For Fixflo Professional users, certificates associated to service events can sync to your Reapit instance, providing you with the documentation and dates associated with statutory requirements.

When an issue associated to a service event is closed and there is a certificate document attached, the certificate and associated dates will sync to Reapit, permitting the following criteria is met:

- A document is attached within the 'Certificate document' section of the Fixflo issue

- The document has both a start date and an expiry date
- The service programme name (ie certificate type) is one of the below

Fixflo programme nameMapped in Reapit to
Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) Only Gas Safety
Electrical - Safety InspectionElectrical Safety
Electrical - Portable Appliance Test
Electrical Safety
Electrical Installation Condition Report
Electrical Safety
Smoke AlarmSmoke Alarms
Carbon Monoxide AlarmCO Detectors

Please note - if a service programme contains both 'Smoke Alarm' and 'Carbon Monoxide Alarm', the certificate will sync to both Reapit categories.

For example, the screenshot below shows a 'Completed' service event. The associated issue is closed, and dates have been provided on the certificate document, which pulls from the issue to the service event 'Completion' tab:

On the property profile in Reapit within the 'Attributes' section, the type has synced, as well as the start date, end date and supplier (contractor):

If you click into the line item, you can see the associated issue number under the 'Notes' section, and can download the certificate document when required:

Please note, if remedials are raised from the same service event, we treat them as a separate certification and create a new item in Reapit; the original won't be updated/overidden.