As an agent on Fixflo, you will have the ability to add whether or not your contractors are VAT registered. By marking contractors as not being VAT registered they will no longer get the automatic 20% VAT added on to their invoice if they are creating it through Fixflo.

To mark a contractor as not being VAT registered you will need to go to their profile. This can be done by clicking 'People' > 'Contractors' and then selecting your chosen contractor.


Once you are on the contractor's profile you will need to click on the invoicing section toward the top of the page. 

After you've been taken to the invoicing section you will need to scroll down to where it says 'Create invoices using Fixflo'. Here is where you will be able to select your contractor's default VAT rate. 

This will automatically show up when a contractor is completing their invoice.

When you are done selecting the default VAT rate as 0% you will then need to click 'Save' towards the bottom of the page. If you would like to check a preview of what the contractor's invoice would look like you can click on the 'Preview invoice' button beside the 'Save' button. This will open up a preview of an invoice as a PDF file. There is an example attached below: