Please note: this guide is for new clients going through Onboarding only. If you are an existing client with data already in Fixflo, please contact our su for assistance

Fixflo integrates with SME Professional so that any repair and maintenance issues created in Fixflo can be pushed back into SME Professional. This allows you to keep a complete maintenance record for your tenancies and produce more accurate reports. Please check out our guide here to view how to set up that basic integration alongside this more advanced integration.

The advanced integration also provides the ability to sync data held in SME Professional into your Fixflo system. For our guide on how to set up the integration, please click here.


Data Syncing

The following pieces of data are synced from SME Professional into Fixflo as part of this integration:

Data entitiesNotes
PropertiesThe 'Management type' of properties should be 'Managed Let' or 'Guaranteed Rent' otherwise these will not sync.
The 'Property status' field cannot be 'Pending: new property' or 'Past property' as these will not sync.
Please note that 'Notice given; not on market' will sync.
Occupiers/TenantsThese should be active tenants.
'Past tenant' and 'Fall through' statuses will not sync.
LandlordsThese should be at the status 'Current client' in SME Professional.
'Past client' and 'Unsuccessful enquiry' will not sync.
ContractorsThese should be either 'Approved' or 'Landlord contractor' within SME.
'Past contractor' and 'Not approved' 'will not sync. The 'Service' type cannot be 'Lawyer".

Each piece of data will sync hourly from SME Professional to Fixflo. As such, SME Professional becomes your main source of truth; if you need to add a new property, add it to SME Professional and it will sync to Fixflo in an hour. 

In order for your Fixflo system to remain accurate with Property data, you will need to configure your settings so that occupiers can only report against properties that exist in your system. Please refer to our guide here, which outlines how to set up 'Uploaded properties only'.

As each data entity syncs from SME Professional  into Fixflo, it will also pull across the system reference into Fixflo as an external reference. Below is an example of a property profile in SME Professional:

And how it looks in Fixflo:

Similarly, a contractor profile will sync from SME Professional, pulling its ID into Fixflo as an external reference:

Issue Syncing

As well as syncing data from SME into Fixflo, the integration will also sync jobs reported via Fixflo into your SME system. This provides other members of the team who may need oversight of ongoing maintenance a view of what is ongoing in Fixflo.

For example, the below screenshot shows a maintenance report in SME at the status of 'Booked in'; this means that the job is in AwaitingJobCompletion if Fixflo:

A group of fields are filled out in SME, including the property details, issue details, and associated contractor. The field 'Estimated amount' relates to the gross amount from the quote in Fixflo (if applicable). If the instructed job does not have a quote present, then the works authorisation limit provided when instructing the job is used:

The 'Final amount' field shows the gross total cost, as entered by the contractor/taken from their invoice document:

When an issue is closed in Fixflo, it moves to 'Completed' or 'Completed and Awaiting invoice':

Once an issue has been reported through Fixflo and synced with SME, we will be able to see the issue PDF link in the 'Report title and description', as shown in the image below.

A full chart of the issue statuses in Fixflo and their comparison status in SME can be found below:

Fixflo StatusSME Status
RequestForQuotesEndedQuotation(s) received
AwaitingReviewQuotation(s) received
QuotesReviewedOwner accepted
JobAwardedAwaitingAppointmentDateContractor agreed
JobAwardedAwaitingTenantAcceptanceContractor agreed
JobAwardedAppointmentDateDeclinedContractor agreed
AwaitingJobCompletionBooked in
JobCompletedAwaitingFeedbackComplete ready to be closed
JobCompletedNegativeFeedbackComplete ready to be closed
JobCompletedReadyForClosureComplete ready to be closed
JobCompletedAwaitingInvoiceComplete ready to be closed
ClosedN/A (SME does not have this status. Instead, the maintenance order is moved to a closed area)

Please find below a video outlining this integration in more detail: