Please note: this guide is for new clients going through Onboarding only. If you are an existing client with data already in Fixflo, please contact our support team for assistance

Fixflo integrates with SME Professional so that any repair and maintenance issues created in Fixflo can be pushed back into SME. This allows you to keep a complete maintenance record for your tenancies and produce more accurate reports. Please check out our guide here to view how to set up that basic integration alongside this more advanced integration.

The advanced integration also provides the ability to sync data held in SME into your Fixflo system. This data will include:

- Properties and Landlords

- Tenants / Occupiers

- Contractors

If you are using a Fixflo Basic system, please refer to the basic integration between Fixflo and SME here.

Setting up the integration - new Fixflo clients

To set up the integration, the following steps will take place:

1) Your Fixflo account manager / Onboarding Executive will email SME on your behalf after your onboarding call, in order to request your API key. For safety and security reasons, you will be CC'd on the email, and you will need to respond to SME to confirm you want to receive the API key.

2) SME will create your API key and send it to you in a locked document. They will then ask you to provide a phone number so that they can text you a code to unlock the document and access the key.

3) Once you have unlocked the document, you can reach out to your Fixflo contact to provide them with the key details.

4) The Fixflo team will then set up the integration between SME and Fixflo, allowing your data to appear within your Fixflo system.

In order for your Fixflo system to remain accurate with Property data, you will need to configure your settings so that occupiers can only report against properties that exist in your system. Please refer to our guide here, which outlines how to set up 'Uploaded properties only'. 

Please note that welcome emails are not sent automatically from Fixflo. The first time the integration syncs the data, we recommend that you proceed with the promotion of your Fixflo system (including sending welcome emails) as advised by your account manager. 
This same approach applies when you add new person profiles on SME that are then synced to Fixflo (eg contractors). If you wish to send them a welcome email, please do this manually via their profile.

Please now check out our guide on how the integration works - click here.