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Click here to see the best way to promote Fixflo to your occupiers

Promoting your Fixflo site to your occupiers is extremely important in order to ensure that the usage of your system is the best it can be. 

One way to do this is to add Fixflo to your existing company website to direct all maintenance related traffic to Fixflo, rather than have your occupiers calling or emailing you after finding your details online. There are three different ways in which you could do this, which are highlighted below.


Fixflo iframe/plugin

Link as a menu item

'Report a maintenance problem' button

Fixflo iframe/plugin

Typically, Fixflo is accessed by occupiers by going to your URL (such as [CompanyName] However, you may wish that tenants go to your own website and report their maintenance issues there - this is possible through a plugin called an iframe, which allows you to host your Fixflo reporting page on your own website such as the test example below.

For a full guide on how to implement this, please click here.

In order to help keep your website on-brand, one option you could do is have a simple link in your menu item to report a repair. This can take the user straight to your reporting URL, where they can then report their maintenance issue. Please speak with your website team for any assistance in adding this to your website.

We would recommend the link to be stored in one of the following places:
- On the main page of your website

- Within a tenant/occupier area of your website

- Near wherever your phone number is displayed

- Within 'Contact us' (to help prevent tenants reporting to you instead of via Fixflo)

Please find below a few examples of simple yet effective menu item links:

'Report a maintenance problem' button

If you would rather use a button that has been prepared and created by the team at Fixflo, we do have a bank of these available. Please click here to view these, where you can also see we have provided the HTML to assist you; don't forget to amend the domain link to your custom URL!

You would need to decide which button you'd like to use, and then ask your web developer to code it into your website for you. If you're stuck on what to say to them, feel free to use our template below:

Hi there,

I wish to add a link from our website to a third-party system called Fixflo. Fixflo is a simple system to help manage repairs. Instead of occupiers reporting their maintenance issues by telephone or email I'd like them to report any issues they have, online using this website: https://[company name] 

Could you put a link to this address https://[company name] from our existing website please? 
The link should be prominent enough for occupiers to find it easily. Here are some suggestions of where a link could go:                    
*/ Near wherever our telephone number is shown                   
*/ Near the existing contact us links                    
*/ Prominently in the contact us page                    
*/ On the home page                    
The link should say request maintenance, repair request or similar. You are free to use any of these pre-prepared buttons as you see fit (                    


Alternatively, feel free to get creative and make your own 'request repair' button! Please find below a few examples of buttons on websites taking users through to Fixflo: