As a general rule, Fixflo never automatically keeps a landlord in the loop if an issue is reported at one of their properties. Previously, if you wanted to do this, you had to send the landlord an FYI email via the issue itself.

However, it is now possible to notify landlords via Co-pilot, automating this process if your agency desires.

Please follow the steps below to see how to do this:

  • Click into Co-pilot, hit 'Add a new rule' and select our 'Notify landlord' template:

  • Edit the 'Landlord' filter by adding in the landlord profile(s) you wish to be included in this 'notify' rule. This will mean that any issues reported against properties owned by one of these landlords, the system will automatically notify them:

  • Add another filter of the particular issues raised that you'd like the system to automatically update the landlord about. If you want all issues to notify them, use the 'Any' filter:

  • Edit the Action rule of notify, ensuring the user receiving the automatic notification is set to Landlord, and the message is as desired:

  • You can then go towards the bottom of the page and click 'Save' to enable the rule. 

When the next issue is reported which matches the Co-pilot rule you have set up, the landlord will receive an email similar to the below, adapted as per your rule:

You can also look on the Audit tab of an issue to check if any automation has taken place:

We also have Co-pilot videos available for you to watch to better understand this feature.