Please note: Qube SLM is also referred to as 'Aspasia'.

The integration works by pulling through the information from the submitted Fixflo report into your Qube system. To view how to set the integration up, please click here.

From here, the below guide will be split between how the integration works for different Fixflo plans; please click the plan you're on below, and read from there.

Fixflo Essentials and Professional

For those integrating Qube SLM and Fixflo Professional or Essentials, the integration is more advanced. Qube acts as the central data point for all of your property and supplier information, syncing the below entities to Fixflo:

  • Properties
  • Landlords
  • Contractors
  • Occupiers

When the integration is turned on, all of this information is pushed through into your Fixflo account from Qube.
You can set how often a sync occurs between both systems in regards to making sure updates made in Qube (e.g. change a contractor email address, add a new property) are pushed through into Fixflo. Usually this is auto set to nightly, but amendments can be made on the Qube side of the integration.

This means that you should always update records in Qube SLM, not Fixflo.

Qube SLM users on SLM V3 and V4 - please note that records marked as 'Completed' will not sync onto Fixflo. You can now select which tenancy types you wish to sync to Fixflo, for example, 'Fully managed', 'Executive' and 'Concierge'. If however any properties within the type is marked as 'Completed', it will not sync.

Please note: Archiving data entities works differently - if you archive a tenant/landlord/property in Qube SLM, you will need to manually archive the same entity in Fixflo too

This integration will only pass through an inactive invoice once the issue has been closed in Fixflo (it can then be activated in SLM and placed on the ledger). No details about the issue are passed through into SLM when using Fixflo Essentials or Professional.

Fixflo Basic

The integration will vary slightly depending on which version of Qube SLM you are running:

- If using pre v4, the maintenance issue will be synced against the Information type action

- If using v4 and beyond, the maintenance issue will be synced as a Maintenance Request

Fixflo Basic SLM users will see the integration pass through all of the issue data (IS number as a link, Raised date, occupier name/email, description/fault details, photos) into Qube SLM  

How the issue side of the integration works for Fixflo Basic users (pre v4)

  1. If an issue is reported via Fixflo, we use webhooks to push this information through to Qube. Qube then maps the information that is passed through as an Action
  2. This Action can be found in the Property Management Module under History > Action History.

  3. This will show a list of actions including Fixflo issues. You can click into these to view details about the issue.

  4. To view details specific to Fixflo, you will need to click on Action Notes > Fixflo Issue Details. This brings up a screen with key issue information, such as:

    a) Fixflo Issue ID (a link)
    b) Raised date
    c) Tenant name/email
    d) Description of issue, including any fault detail fields
    e) Photos submitted when tenant reported issue

  5.  When a job has been closed in Fixflo:

    a) The status will be updated in Qube SLM
    b) The job completed date and duration will pull through
    c) The invoice will be pulled through as a PDF (if the contractor uploads it or they use the Fixflo invoice generator tool). Simply click on 'PDF Document' and it will open:

To view a short video recording of the full process, please click here.