Fixflo integrates with Expert Agent so that any repair and maintenance issues created in Fixflo can be pushed back into Expert Agent. This allows you to keep a complete maintenance record for your tenancies and produce more accurate reports.

Setting up the integration

The integration with Expert Agent works with credentials - username and password. Should the password ever change without updating Expert Agent, the integration will break.
As such, we suggest creating a new agent user on your system to setup the integration with. 

Once that is in place, to complete the setup of the integration, you need to be a 'Super User' in Expert Agent. From there, you can go to Tools > Configuration > Lettings Configuration > Fixflo Maintenance Import.

To turn on the integration, simply select the box and include the following Fixflo details:

  • Your Fixflo Domain / URL
  • Credentials

You can also clarify:

  • The Default EA Negotiator
  • Multiple branches to be included within the Fixflo import, if applicable

In Expert Agent, when a new Fixflo issue is reported, there is a message highlighting that a new issue has been created.

 A simple way of seeing all new Fixflo issues reported would be to access the Maintenance Dashboard followed by Quick Links and Office New Fixflo Jobs.

Please feel free to view the video below, which details how the integration works: