Introduction to projects

Projects will help you to manage multiple issues - either at a single property or across multiple. 

Issues within a project can be sent onto multiple contractors. By using 'Projects' you can easily track multiple issues at once. 

How to create a new project

Projects can be created by clicking on 'Issues' > 'Issue search' > 'Options' > 'Create project':

From here you will need to select the issues you would like to add to the project:

Once selected you will need to click on 'Create project' on the right hand side of the screen:

You will now see a new pop up and you will need to give the project a title and a description and then click 'Proceed':

Viewing a project

Click on 'Issues' on your left-hand menu side bar and then click on 'Projects':

You will now be able to view all of the projects created for this agency. You can search for projects using the search bar and you can click on the dropdown filter to search for completed and archived projects. 

It is clear on the list of projects how many issues sit in each project and how many of these are completed:

Adding issues to an existing project

To add an issue to a project simply click into the issue, click on the 'Actions' button and then 'Add to project'. You will need to select the project from the dropdown available: 

You can then easily go back into the project from the Related tab of the issue.

When seeing a list of issues, it will appear clearly if the issue is part of a project.

Removing issues from a project

To remove issues from a project you will need to click on 'Issues' > 'Projects', click into the desired project and then select 'Actions' > 'Remove issues':

You will then be able to select the issues on the left hand side of the screen and then press 'Save' at the bottom of your list of issues to remove these from the project: 

There is an 'Are you sure' pop up which will allow you to confirm that you would like the issue(s) removed from the project: 

Archiving projects

Projects can be archived by either clicking on 'Issues' > 'Projects' and then clicking on the padlock on the right-hand side of the desired project: 

Alternatively you can click into the project you would like to archive and then select 'Actions'. From here you can archive the project. 

You can easily reactive a project by searching for it and then clicking on the locked padlock:

Please note that open issues will not close when you archive a project.

Completing a project

Projects will automatically close once all of the issues in that project have been closed down.