Please note: this guide is for new clients going through Onboarding only. If you are an existing client with data already in Fixflo, please contact our support team for assistance

Fixflo integrates with QubePM so that any repair and maintenance issues created in Fixflo can be pushed back into QubePM. This allows you to keep a complete maintenance record for your tenancies and produce more accurate reports. 

The advanced integration also provides the ability to sync data held in QubePM into your Fixflo system. For our guide on how the integration works, please click here. 


System Requirements

There are a few requirements that are needed in both QubePM and Fixflo in order for this integration to be configured successfully; these are as follows:


- Your QubePM instance must be on version 12.01 as a minimum. Unfortunately, this integration will not operate on lower versions; please contact the Qube team for upgrade advice if needed.

- Your agency must use the 'Property Management' module and 'Funds Ledger' module. These house two different ways in which the integration is configured and are therefore essential to configure the integration.


- Your Fixflo package must have a 'Block' or a 'Build to rent' reporting fault tree, and therefore accept the data structure of blocks/buildings and units/properties in the back-end. 

Fixflo Configuration

Certain configuration within your Fixflo account needs to be in place in order for the integration to work as expected. The Fixflo team will ensure this is applied correctly during the setup process, but for reference, this includes:

- Ensuring your maintenance reporting process is set to only display uploaded properties
- Ensuring your Fixflo account is set to require cost codes on all jobs
- Ensuring your staff have fewer permissions to edit people and property data in Fixflo, as QubePM is the source of truth

Setting It Up

This integration is set up on the Fixflo side, and can take up to 5 working days to configure; your patience is appreciated!

The following pieces of information are required to authenticate the integration. The Fixflo team will request this information on your behalf via the MRI portal and add you in the ticket for reference:

- UserName
- Password
- Group

Please provide that information to the Fixflo contact configuring your integration.

As Qube is an extremely customisable software, it is important that the team at Fixflo understand the data you are expecting to sync and how it is mapped within QubePM. As such, we ask that you:

1) Fill out our data mapping document - please download and fill out the template located here - to outline exactly what your fields are called. Most of this data can be found within QubePM via Core Modules > Property Management > Property or Unit.

2) Send the mapping document over to the Onboarding Executive who is getting your integration configured.

3) Because data in Fixflo will be synced from QubePM, please ensure that any updates to data (e.g. new contractor numbers, new landlord email addresses etc) are made in Qube and not Fixflo. This helps to ensure that both systems are aligned as necessary. Should you wish to consider limiting your users from adding/amending data in Fixflo to prevent any confusion, we recommend reviewing our User Roles and Permissions guide and removing editing rights from users.

The Fixflo team will ask you to look over the data once the integration has been configured, to ensure that the correct entities and statuses have interfaced. This will include cross-referencing a series of property (block) data, as well as cost code (fund headings) that have interfaced.