Please note that while this guide is aimed at the Block and BTR/PRS markets, Lettings clients can also use Fixflo for asset management; please reach out to our support team for more assistance.

For an introduction to assets in Fixflo, please click here.


Asset warranties explanation

Once your assets are in Fixflo, you have the ability to configure warranty information against each and every asset. This can assist with preventing unwanted expenditure on assets that are still under warranty.

Within each asset entity, you will have a 'Warranty' tab available:

This allows you to submit a start and end date of the warranty period, as well as select a warranty contractor if applicable.

Once an asset is linked to a reactive maintenance issue (guide here), you will be prompted to review the warranties present; these could either reflect a warranty against the asset, or it could show unit/block/property warranties:

When you then go to instruct the works, any warranty contractors will appear at the top of your contractor list in their own section, thus encouraging you to instruct to them:

On the contractor side, they can see that the asset has been attached and is under warranty:

You may choose to have an email notification sent out when an asset warranty is due to expire.
This can be turned on or off by going into Setup > Settings > Notifications > Agent Notification Defaults 
Sent when a asset warranty is due to expire


The email will be sent to the central email address unless there is a property manager assigned to the block.

These notifications are sent 90 days and 30 days before the asset warranty expiry date.

Importing asset warranties

To assist with getting the asset warranty data in Fixflo, the ability to import this information is in place. The following fields need to be populated alongside the relevant asset information:

AssetWarrantyContractorUserTypeID - please note this will be the contractor Fixflo reference, eg CO12345678.

For the full template for importing asset warranties, please review the asset import guide.