Industry type - all

Available with -  Manager

For an introduction to the SLA feature, please click here.

Tracking your SLAs

Once you have configured your SLAs, they will be live and ready to go! Please note that Fixflo will not back-date any data and apply the SLA to them; only new jobs moving forwards will have SLAs applied if applicable. 

You can view, edit and track your SLAs via Reports Service levels. This will display a list of the SLAs you have configured in your system, where you can edit them if necessary. Towards the right, you can click on the pie-chart icon to drill down to view the results of the SLA:

This will display the results of the SLA, allowing you to filter as necessary to view a specific time period, issue priority, and whether the job is planned or reactive. The most commonly used filter here is time period, as the other filters can be applied specifically to each and every SLA:

While this report is not exportable, you can screenshot it as required, or click into the relevant data set/colour code to view the specific jobs linked to the breaches or passes.

Once you click into a specific issue, you can visit the 'Service level' tab to view the relevant SLAs applied to that job, and whether they have passed/breached or are ongoing. The relevant applicable information will be displayed, with regards to when the SLA timer started and completed, and at what time/date it would have breached at:

With the multiple dashboard feature on Fixflo, you can create custom dashboard panels to aid in tracking all of the SLAs you have in place, providing increased visibility and assisting with job prioritisation:

For more information on multi-dashboard, please click here.