Industry type - all

Available with -  Manager

For an introduction to the SLA feature, please click here.

SLA setup - reminder dates and business hours

Setting up your SLAs can be done directly via your Fixflo account. It is recommended that the first two steps you take into consideration are configuring your reminder dates and business hours:

Business hours:

These are configured within Setup > Settings > Business hours. Simply drag and select the relevant hours that your business operate in as desired, and hit 'Ok' once you're happy. These hours can then be used against SLAs to track and monitor staff performance:

Reminder dates

Fixflo will automatically apply dates to jobs to provide you a nudge that an action has not been completed in the allocated time-frame. These will automatically inform you when your SLAs are being breached, by moving the issue to the 'issue requiring attention' categories. 

Default reminders can be configured as granular as you wish against the different priority levels that are set in your Fixflo system. To configure reminders, click via Reports Service levels and into the Reminder dates tab. This will show you the 6 priorities (unless you have re-titled and removed any) and the various different issue statuses. 

Each reminder can be configured against:
- Calendar days
- Business days
- Hours
- Business hours

It is recommended that you use business days and hours permitted that you have set these using the information above. We would also suggest that you customise the highlighted actions in the screenshot below, as they depend on other users (contractors/landlords etc). As such, reducing the time they have to perform these actions will result in jobs falling back as '...requiring attention', ensuring your team are given the nudge to follow-up as necessary:

Please bear in mind that these are not sequential, therefore each action is independent from the reminder set for previous ones. You should take this into account when setting reminders, to make sure they get triggered correctly.

As an example:

I want my team to be on top of emergency works, therefore I want stricter SLAs for this priority. I want to ensure that any time the job lies with another party (contractor, tenant or landlord) that a reminder is given to my agent colleagues to nudge said party to progress the job; this ensures it gets resolved as soon as possible. The screenshot below indicates that:

  • After the job is awarded to the contractor, they have 1 business day to propose an appointment date
  • After the appointment is proposed the tenant has 5 business hours to accept it
  • After the job has been completed, the contractor has 3 days to provide information such as a cost breakdown or invoice document
  • After/if I have requested instructions from the landlord, they have 1 business day to get back to me

If the task isn't taken in the permitted time, it will fall back into an issue requiring attention for the agent, who can nudge the relevant party to ensure they complete the task!