Industry type - all

Available with -  Manager

For an introduction to the SLA feature, please click here.

SLA setup - setting custom priorities

The first phase to setting up SLAs is to consider how you'd like these to be configured. It's common practice to have different SLAs for different types of jobs, ensuring the structure is in place to prioritise emergency works over non-urgent pieces. As a standard setting, Fixflo will configure fault priorities against each and every fault in the system (guide here). However, the SLA feature allows you to amend these priorities as required.

The standard Fixflo fault priorities exist as follows:

  • 0 - Emergency
  • 1 - Urgent (high)
  • 2 - Urgent (medium)
  • 3 - Non-urgent (high)
  • 4 - Non-urgent (medium)
  • 5 - Non-urgent (low)

You are able to re-name the above to titles that better suit your business needs, and can remove priorities if you don't operate using 6.

To amend the default priority of a fault category, you can click via Setup > Fault tree edit, and click through to the fault you'd like to change the priority of; here, you can set a new one for all jobs moving forwards:

The benefit of this exercise is that - once you're ready to create your service level agreements - you can configure different SLAs against different priority jobs, ensuring that emergency works are completed in adequate time-frames!