Industry type - all

Available with - Essentials

For an introduction to Co-pilot, please click here.

It's important that you have a process in place for maintenance issues reported out of hours. The Co-pilot feature in Fixflo allows you to create automations that can trigger events to happen - in this instance, you may wish for issues reported out of hours to be picked up by a provider you work with.

In the below example, it is assumed that an agreement is already in place with a contractor profile to take all 'Emergency' and 'Urgent' issue priority jobs that are reported out of hours (evenings and weekends).

1) Create a new rule within Co-pilot and title it clearly so that all users who view the rule know what it refers to:

2) Add a filter for 'Time', and specify the times you'd like these jobs to be instructed to your out of hours provider:

3) Create a second filter for 'Fault priority'; in here, select the relevant priority jobs you'd like to auto-instruct to your out of hours provider; in this instance, this is 'Emergency' and 'Urgent':

This completes the filters required; all emergency and urgent issues raised between a certain time period. It's not time to add an 'Action' to this rule, which is to instruct works to your out of hours provider; please note they must have an active Contractor profile in your system for this workflow to take place.

4) Make sure that you add the filter > Fault, so the Co-Pilot rule activates when a reported issue is using that specific fault type:

Select 'Fault' to choose the applicable issues - you can select as many options as you need and the faults are identical to your fault tree to make it even easier to find what you're after!

Here, both gas and electric boilers are selected as an example.

Simply click Ok, and the system will create the Filter.

5) Click to add an 'Action'. Use the option of 'Instruct works', select your contractor by typing their name, and leave instruction notes as required. Yuo may also wish to set a works authorisation limit for the job:

Once you hit okay, please do review the setup of the rule. When you're ready, hit 'Save' and remember to enable the rule so it's live!

Do remember the importance of the ordering of the rules on Co-pilot. If you're unsure about this, please check out our video explanation here.