Click here to see the best way to promote Fixflo to your occupiers 

Promoting your Fixflo site to your occupiers is extremely important in order to ensure that the usage of your system is the best it can be. Fixflo offers various promotional tools within the Promote section of your account to help you do this. However, you may also want to consider creating some of your own promotional content to complement and reinforce these.

Quite simply, you could add your Fixflo URL - usually [companyname] - to various promotional pieces so that occupiers know where to report their maintenance issues.

Below are a few ideas that you could use to create your own promotional content:

- Move-in packs for new tenants
- Posters on bulletin boards (more information here)

- Fridge magnets to put in every managed property

- Key-rings to put with every set of keys
- Pens

- Coasters

As an alternative to entering your Fixflo URL onto these pieces, you could even use a QR code (on a key-ring for example) that tenants can scan to access your reporting page! While this may not necessarily aid your occupiers in remembering the URL itself, it will allow them to access it out and about via a quick scan. Do check out a free QR code generator website here if you'd like to try this.

Please note, Fixflo are unable to help with creating these extra promotional assets.