Industry type - Block, BTR and Commercial

Available with - Professional

Planned Maintenance is an important module in Fixflo, allowing block management and BTR/PRS companies to accurately implement planned works, both statutory and non-statutory. For a guide on how to import Planned Maintenance Service Events, please click here.

In order to manage planned works, many agencies will have service agreements in place with contractor partners, in order to maintain certain assets or features across their building portfolio. For example, you may have an agreement in place with a Lift Maintenance company to complete all works associated with the lifts at your managed blocks. For our guide on this, please click here.

To cater for this - and to ensure the relevant information is in place - you are able to import the service agreements into Fixflo. Please note, if you'd prefer to create these manually, you can do so via Planned Maintenance > Service Agreements.

Attached at the bottom of this guide is the import template - please note, all fields are mandatory in order create the full agreement.

It is important you create/import the service agreements in advance of the service events. This will allow you to link the service agreement (ServiceAgreementExternalRef) when importing service events.

A brief explanation of some of the fields can be found as follows:

Import header titleExplanation
ServiceAgreementDescriptionA space for a short description on what the agreement covers.
ServiceAgreementExternalRefThis is a vital field, and allows you to link the service agreement with the relevant service events via import.
ServiceAgreementInstructContractorThis should always be used, as the agreement will be in place with a specific contractor. Please enter the Contractor Company Name as displayed in your Fixflo system.
ServiceAgreementLandlordThis is only a mandatory field if the agreement is only in place for the portfolio of a specific landlord. Please enter the Landlord Company Name as it appears in Fixflo.
ServiceAgreementAnnualCostThis is the annual cost to you of the agreement. Please just enter a number - no need for a '£' / '$' etc. 
ServiceAgreementExpiryWarningDateThe assigned agent will receive a notification on this date (unless disabled).

Please note that you are able to upload any documents/contracts onto the Service Agreement manually once it has been created.

Sending us data

Due to GDPR, we have implemented a secure way of sending us the above file to ensure that your landlord and contractor details are safe at all times.

When your data is ready please log in to Fixflo and go to Setup > Imports.

Then you need to click on Import new data > Choose File. Select the file you wish and then press 'Upload'.

This will allow us to access your data and we can then make sure it is imported correctly for you. Please allow up to 5 working days for us to complete the import and get back to you.