Industry type - Block, BTR and Commercial

Available with - Professional

Planned Maintenance is an important module in Fixflo, allowing block management companies to accurately implement planned works, both statutory and non statutory. 

It is also possible to import Service Events into your Fixflo account, applying these against specific buildings. This will require you to export your building information from your Fixflo in order to accurately map the events against the correct building profile; this can be done via Properties > Buildings > Options > Export to CSV:

Once you've exported this data, simply paste it into the template attached to this guide. You will need to include:
- ExternalBuildingRef (if you have it)
- BuildingName
- BuildingAddressLine1
- BuildingAddressLine2
- BuildingTown
- BuildingCounty
- BuildingPostCode

We will also need the following required information:

  • Event template name (this must match the names found via Planned Maintenance > Event templates. If you'd like a custom template, please create it here first (guide if needed)
  • Event series start date
  • Event frequency (number) and frequency type (Weeks/Months/Years)
  • Offset period / instruction period (number) and type (Weeks/Months/Years)
  • Event last completed date (leave blank if you want the data to show as not currently compliant)

The following information is optional:

  • Contractor company name (if auto-instructing)
  • Event reviewer (agent email address)
  • The ServiceEventCostCode (if applicable and using cost codes. This must already be in your system, see guide here)
  • The ServiceAgreementTitle and ServiceAgreementExternalRef. This must already be in your system, see guide here.

Please find the template for importing your planned maintenance service events at the bottom of the page. Within the template, the column titles will have tooltip explanations to guide you as to how the data should look. However, please also find a brief explanation of some of the headers below:

Sending us data

Due to GDPR, we have implemented a secure way of sending us the above file to ensure that your landlord and contractor details are safe at all times.

When your data is ready please login to Fixflo and go to Setup > Imports.

Then you need to click on Import new data > Choose File. Select the file you wish and then press 'Upload'.

This will allow us to access your data and we can then make sure it is imported correctly for you. Please allow up to 5 working days for us to complete the import and get back to you.