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To help you promote your Fixflo site to your occupiers to increase your overall usage of the system, you can send scheduled reminders to your occupiers via your Fixflo site.

You will need administration permissions to amend the email and set this up.

How To Amend The Reminder Email

You can check and amend the email which is sent out by clicking on Setup > Content edit on the left hand menu side bar:

Once here you will want to scroll down within the 'Content' tab and find 'Email - Occupier reminder':

By clicking into this email you will be able to view the email which will go out, once set up to do so. You can make changes to this very easily and press 'Save' once you are happy:

Please note, the format of this email once it's received will also include a header and a footer - the latter allows the occupier to self-archive themselves if they no longer reside at the property. These parts of the email can not be edited:

How To Turn On These Notifications To Go Out

Once you are happy with the email you can click on Setup > Settings and click on the 'Notifications' tab. You will need to scroll down to 'Occupier notification defaults' and click this title.

Within this list you will need to find 'An automated reminder to let occupiers know about reporting issues on Fixflo'.  On the right-hand side, you are able to amend the setting as desired.

There is a drop-down available and the options are:

- Do not send

- Send every 3 months

- Send every 6 months

- Send every 12 months

You can select your preference using the drop down and once you are happy you will need to click 'Save'.

In addition, these emails can be sent on an individual basis to a specific occupier profile. Simply click into the profile via People > Occupiers, scroll down to the bottom and use 'Send reminder email':

Who Gets These Notifications?

Active occupiers on your system will receive these notifications if:

- They have received the Fixflo welcome email

- They have reported a maintenance issue on your Fixflo site

If neither of these actions have been taken then these reminder emails will not be sent to the occupier, even if they are active on your system. 

It may be worth clicking on People > Occupiers and clicking on the drop-down filter on the right-hand side of the occupier search bar to filter out occupiers who have not received a welcome email, and sending this out to ensure that all of your active occupiers receive these reminders:

You will then want to use the drop-down for 'Last sent welcome email' and search using 'Not set, eg null':

For the occupiers who have not received the welcome email and appear in the search you can click on 'Options' and then 'Send welcome email'. You will then have peace of mind that all of your active occupiers will receive the reminder email which you have set up to go out on a scheduled basis. 

Additionally, you can send out reminder emails to occupiers through their occupier profiles. You can do this by simply clicking People > Occupiers and then clicking into the chosen occupier's profile. Once on the occupier's profile you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and here you will see a 'Send reminder email' button: 

When this button has been clicked it will then send an email to the occupier reminding them that they can report issues on your unique Fixflo site, as well as reminding them they can log into Fixflo and communicate with agents to keep up to date with their issue progression as well as allowing occupiers to say they no longer live at the property and archive themselves. 

The occupier's address and contact details will also prepopulate on your Fixflo reporting site once the occupier has clicked through on the 'Report an issue' button at the bottom of the reminder email:


Below is an example of an occupier clicking through from their reminder email and having their address and contact details already showing when reporting an issue:

It is also important that you ensure you keep your occupiers up to date on the system and lock them out when they move out so that people who no longer require correspondence from you, are not. Please click here to see how an occupier is locked out of the system.

Video Example

Please check out our video below explaining this: