Industry type - all

Available with -  Manager

A service-level agreement (SLA) lets you set standards of performance for your team. Within Fixflo, there is a feature available within our Manager packager, that provides you the ability to set SLA polices for various parameters, including but not limited to:

  • The time in which a job should be assigned
  • The time in which agents should provide a 'first contact' on an issue
  • The time in which a contractor should be instructed
  • The time in which a contractor should mark the job as complete
  • The time in which an agent should close the job

You can specify whether the SLA is tracking the issue/job, the contractor or your team (the agent).

Each parameter can also be filtered so that you can really drive specific SLAs. For example, you can filter your 'Time in which a contractor should be instructed' SLA for different priority levels of jobs, or have a specific SLA for an individual client.

There are quite a few options available! Please use the below links - in sequential order - to go through the SLA set up process, learn how to configure unique SLAs and some best-practice advice on tracking and reporting:


If you are interested in upgrading to Fixflo Manager, please contact our support team or your assigned account manager.