To help promote your Fixflo system to your occupiers we recommend sending them a text message. This can be done through the system to notify them of how to report their maintenance issues through your Fixflo system. This is something that we recommend doing every 2-3 months as it acts a great way to remind your tenants about your Fixflo system.

Viewing and amending the text message

You can view and amend the text message within the 'Promote' section on Fixflo. 

Click on 'Promote' > 'Promote to your Occupiers':

From here you will want to click on 'Get texting now!' within the 'Text your occupiers' box:

Remain on the 'Credit balance' tab. Here you can view and amend the text message. This must include your Fixflo URL:

Please be aware that there is a character allowance on text messages. Once you have made your changes simply click 'Save'. 

Adding text credits to your account

Your credit balance will show in the 'Credit balance' field. If this is showing as '0 credits' then feel free to click on 'Contact us' just above:

 This will open up your emails with a pre-written email to our Support team. Feel free to add how many credits you would like so that we can add these accordingly. 

We are happy to provide you with some credits free of charge. 

Once our Support Team has confirmed the credits you will be able to start texting! 

Your available credits will be shown as your ‘Credit balance’:

Sending your welcome texts

To send the welcome text message to your occupiers you will need to go to Promote > Promote to your Occupiers.

From here you will want to click on 'Get texting now!' within the 'Text your occupiers' box:

This will take you through to two tabs: 'Credit balance' and 'Send message'. You will initially be taken to the 'Credit balance' tab.

By clicking on 'Send message' you will be able to add your occupier telephone numbers to the 'Telephone numbers' box:

Simply copy and paste your occupier mobile numbers into the space provided ensuring that each number is on a separate line. Please remember the '0' at the beginning of the number.  Once you are happy you can click ‘Send Message’.  

You will be able to see a record of all numbers that have been texted. This is available for both options. 


Please note - these numbers are not stored anywhere and will never be contacted for any other purposes.