Industry type - Lettings and BTR/PRS

Available with - All

Please note that access to Fixflo's Contractor Marketplace is a paid feature

Who are Novex?

Novex - powered by Propcall, offer an out-of-hours emergency network, with contractors being on-site within 4 hours of the emergency being reported. 

Though you undoubtedly already have a pool of excellent contractors at your disposal, there may be times when a repair requires an urgent resolution and none of your usual contractors are available to help. When this happens, you can utilise the Novex network and automate emergency instructions to them.

How does it work?

  1. Your occupiers report their maintenance issue via your Fixflo URL
  2. If the issue hits your set parameters (particular properties, certain maintenance types) as specified in Co-pilot, then the job is automatically awarded to Novex
  3. An SMS will be sent to the reporting occupier, free of charge, to advise 'The issue you reported in Fixflo has been instructed to an emergency contractor. They will call you within 30mins. Please ensure you answer the phone.'  
  4. A Novex PM will call the occupier within 30 minutes of the job being reported, to arrange an emergency contractor
  5. Contractor attends the property to make it safe, and will communicate with you via the Comments tab of the job. Should you grant permission, extra works can be completed to fix the issue long-term

For Novex's out of hours rate card and list of covered fault types, please see below:

For other queries and promotional documents, please see below:

If you are ready to activate the service, please follow our details via the Novex - powered by PropCall set up guide.