Please note that while this guide is aimed at the Block and BTR/PRS markets, Lettings clients can also use Fixflo for asset management; please reach out to our support team for more assistance.

For an introduction to assets in Fixflo, please click here.

Once your assets are in Fixflo, it's important that you have the ability to:

a) Export them out - alongside all their information - if and when necessary

b) Export asset job/issue history

This allows you to report on your assets easily, as well as provide relevant information at the click of a few buttons. This guide will explain how to export your asset register from Fixflo, as well as how to export specific reports regarding individual assets.

Exporting your asset register

The most straightforward way to export your assets - alongside all their information - is via Properties > Assets. Here, you can use the Options button to Export to CSV:


This will export all asset data. If you wanted to do this on a specific building/block profile, simply go to the 'Assets' tab on that profile, and follow the same functionality.

Your CSV file will immediately download, and will include all the relevant information on the assets in your system. 

Exporting asset issue history

If you want to export the maintenance history logged against a particular asset, you will need to first of all go to the profile of the asset itself. You can do this either via Properties > Assets, or from the specific building/block within your Fixflo system.

Once you've located the specific asset you're after, click onto the Related tab where you can view the open issues linked to the asset, or the service agreements linked:

If you decide to view 'Open issues', you can quickly amend the filter 'Is open' to 'Any' to have visibility of all the issues related to the relevant asset, regardless of if they're completed or not. Similarly, you can open various search parameters using the drop-down arrow to filter your results in other ways if required:

Once ready, use the Options button to Export to CSV for all your reporting needs.